Piece of Paradise

This is your home away from home.

Wifi Provided

Feel free to escape with us and during the times that you need to be connected, we've got you covered. Enjoy our free wifi while you enjoy our services.

Great Conversation

Not only do we provide exquisite service, but we are your friends!

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About Us

We are a boutique spa located in the Hyde Park Area of London, Ontario. Our talented and certified staff will perform all services in the highest quality and will be completely thorough in every detail. Leezur is here because you need us - we will perfect what you cannot at home, provide informative and exceptional service and most importantly, be a friend during the time you visit us. Come visit us, stay and have a coffee (or tea if you prefer) and forget all your stress!

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The Space

  • Luxurious and Clean

    Leezūr has multiple massage pedicure chairs, comfortable seating and large service rooms for your privacy.

  • Wifi Connection

    Stay connected as you enjoy a pedicure. Though we are your escape, we love keeping our clients connected.

  • Beverages At Hand

    Enjoy coffee, tea or water as you indulge in an unforgettable experience.

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